Keeping Your Staff Safe During Lockdown 3.0

COVID-19 testing in the workplace

Keeping your staff safe while keeping your businesses operational is the big challenge during Lockdown 3.0 and beyond. Workplace COVID-19 testing enables both, and these kits are now available from ProtectaBull.

During this latest phase of the pandemic, businesses can choose to further increase the level of COVID-19 protection by offering workplace rapid antigen testing to all staff.  The results enable companies to act quickly and responsibly to isolate any worker who tests positive*, to protect other workers.

Far less uncomfortable than naso-or oro-pharyngeal swabs, the antigen test swab inserts just 2.5cm into the nostril and identifies in under 20mins if a member of staff currently has the virus. The test can be self-administered in the workplace under the guidance of trained personnel and does not need to be sent to a lab for verification.

Lateral flow tests are useful to identify people who carry the virus and are infectious, but who don’t have COVID-19 symptoms, so put their colleagues at risk. ProtectaBull supplies the kits with full instructions, and a step-by-step video is available here.

In addition to the COVID-19 antigen testing kits, ProtectaBull can supply a range of hygienic, modular, testing booths, which can each be assembled in under 10 minutes.

“ProtectaBull continues to support businesses and industry by being part of a trusted supply chain to get sanitiser, masks, gloves, and visors into workplaces, to protect workers with hand hygiene, barrier coverings, and social distancing,” said Ross Markham, Managing Director of ProtectaBull.

“The lateral flow antigen testing and the temporary testing booths are an extension of this support, and already we have enabled many businesses to ‘secure the safety’ of their workers with these new products.”

For more information on antigen lateral flow testing:

*If the test reveals a positive result, the person should arrange confirmation via the usual NHS testing service and observe self-isolation guidance.



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ProtectaBull now extends into the food processing and manufacturing sector, as well as other, commercial, industrial, retail and hospitality environments.