for Healthcare Sector

The healthcare and hospitality sectors now have a new reliable on-line source of quality PPE and other consumables products, with the launch of

ProtectaBull is the e-commerce platform of a long-established company, Bull Products, which sets ‘Securing Your Safety’ at the centre of all it does. 

Now it is extending this mission from the construction and fire safety sectors to healthcare, hospitality, retail and education, with the expansion of its range of cleaning and hygiene products, PPE and alcohol sanitisers.

The new one-stop-shop for all PPE, safety and cleaning needs enables organisations to ensure their workforce, patients, customers, guests, and students are protected to their usual industry standards, and also to operate to the new requirements of post-lockdown working.

“Customers from healthcare, hospitality, retail, and education can now rely on ProtectaBull’s reputation with other sectors to deliver quality, competitively-priced products to help keep people safe,” said Managing Director Ross Markham.

“The site is the result of the support we were able to continue to provide to our core customers through lockdown, and also of the new customers who came to us as we remained opened – and subsequently very busy.

“We look forward to our product knowledge and buying power benefitting organisations throughout the UK that need a trusted supplier of cleaning and hygiene, ‘safe-return-to-work’, and PPE products.”

Keeping Your Staff Safe During Lockdown 3.0

Keeping staff safe and your businesses operational is the big challenge during Lockdown 3.0. Workplace COVID-19 testing enables both, and kits are now available from ProtectaBull.


Protect Workers with ProtectaBull Face Masks

In food processing, quality, efficiency and reduction of contamination are key. Now more than ever, it’s important to protect workers from COVID-19 by supplying facemasks in the workplace.