ProtectaBull from Bull Products

Bull Products has launched – a new e-commerce one-stop-shop for all PPE, cleaning, and safety needs.

ProtectaBull is the result of Bull Products’ long-held commitment to provide quality, certificated products to the construction industry to make it safer and compliant.  Current Bull Products customers consider the company to be a trusted partner to get the right products at competitive rates – and will now benefit from the ease of on-line purchasing.

ProtectaBull is the result of the Bull Products’ mission of Securing Your Safety – which is now extended beyond solely the construction sector to all types of commercial, industrial, retail, hospitality, education, and healthcare environments. 

Managing Director Ross Markham said: “Our plans to develop an e-commerce platform were brought forward by the lockdown and the need to support out current customers with a safe return to work.

“Creating the new work-safe product range meant that Bull Products had a very busy lockdown period ensuring we could deliver all our customers’ needs.

“ProtectaBull will enable more industries, businesses and organisations to benefit from the product range we have sourced – much of which is ‘Made in Britain’ to reduce supply chain challenges and support the Great British comeback that is UK manufacturing.”

Keeping Your Staff Safe During Lockdown 3.0

Keeping staff safe and your businesses operational is the big challenge during Lockdown 3.0. Workplace COVID-19 testing enables both, and kits are now available from ProtectaBull.


Protect Workers with ProtectaBull Face Masks

In food processing, quality, efficiency and reduction of contamination are key. Now more than ever, it’s important to protect workers from COVID-19 by supplying facemasks in the workplace.